Sustainable Fashion is an emerging fashion movement that promotes the resurgence of a shared cultural consciousness to reduce the ecological footprint of the fashion industry.


We may not realize, but according to the facts, Fashion is the second in the list of the most polluting industries. The effects of fast fashion extend to high carbon emissions, climate change, and human exploitation. From the usage of chemicals and pesticides to the non-biological nature of raw materials used, the industry subsumes great harms for the environment. Clothes manufactured to meet the fads that come and go usually end up in landfills for millions of years. Not only this, fast fashion is at times even churned at the cost of human rights.


To counter this, Sustainable fashion, an ethical approach comes into play that strives to change the world order of fashion by incorporating fair-trade, eco-friendly processes, and using artisanal and organic fabrics.


In line with this movement, AKIRA MING manufactures apparels that leave the least possible carbon footprint throughout their life cycle. We have the love for nature as our core ethos, thus our entire designing process involves no usage of plastic and polyester. We use fabrics like Malkha and Ahimsa silk that are simply threads of sustainability and ethics interwoven together. Another highlight of our creations is the rich hand-embroidery and hand block printing. Not only the raw materials but also the processes like dyeing and printing at AKIRA MING are undertaken organically in partnership with THARANGINI Studio.


AKIRA MING believes that fashion truly is a form of self-expression and through our label, we endeavor to express the need to embrace the Sustainable Fashion in order to turn over a new leaf in the Fashion industry to sprout a greener and brighter future.


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